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BENGALURU: The state government has begun the process of revising its aerospace and defence policy with an enhanced focus on the space sector, opening up of which was initiated by the Centre through a series of reforms beginning June 2020.
“We already have nearly 20 policies that cater to a variety of industries and are now in the process of revising our aerospace policy, which came out in 2013. Any specific requests or demands from the space industry will be addressed through this as we look to boost emerging hi-tech sectors like aerospace, space and biotechnology,” said industries secretary Gaurav Gupta.
As per the industries department, the revised policy will look to create an ecosystem that will allow aerospace manufacturing, research and development and space sectors to work together. Fresh incentives and other benefits will be designed based on industry interactions.
Industries commissioner Gunjan Krishna said: “Karnataka is in tune with the reforms initiated by the Centre. From Isro to a host of space tech startups, our state has been in the forefront in this sector and we will continue to leverage that and provide an enhanced framework that will enable ease of business. Space will be an integral part of the new aerospace policy.”
While Karnataka’s amended aerospace and defence policy will have increased scope for the space sector, Telangana has already begun drafting a dedicated space policy, which is likely to be the first such policy in the country. A presentation by Jayesh Rajan, principal secretary, IT, electronics and communications, Telangana, reviewed by TOI, shows the policy focuses on making Telangana “the manufacturing and R&D hub for space-related products and technologies, and a testbed for remote-sensing applications”.
To achieve this, the state has planned multiple initiatives under four broad focus areas: Infrastructure and material access, skill development, market access and promotion of R&D and innovation.
Gunjan, while stating that it was too early to spell out what specific initiative will be included in the new policy to encourage space activity, said: “The new policy will be announced in the budget…It will address all current challenges faced by the industry. We’ll subsume space, defence, aerospace and R&D in one policy.” She said tailor-made incentives will be part of the policy and there will be more clarity once consultations with industries begin.

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