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BENGALURU: In a decision which will have widespread reaction in the Karnataka, home minister Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday said the government is going to shut down all the hookah parlours in the state on account of them becoming hubs of drug distribution.
On Thursday, BJP chief whip Mahantesh Kavatagimath raised the issue of rising number of drug cases in the state.
To this, Bommai in his statement said the government is trying its best to curb the menace of drugs with action being initiated against all those who are indulging in the sale and supply of the narcotics.
Speaking at the legislative council, Bommai said: “Apart from enforcing the rule of law, we are also bringing a new anti-drugs policy which will tighten the noose around these anti-social elements.”
Bommai said the government will be bringing amendments to the rules framed under the central government Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) act to further strengthen the situation.
“We are also keeping a close track on the movement of people and vehicles at the border districts adjoining Goa, Maharashtra and Kerala,” said the home minister.
No sooner was the statement provided, opposition leader S R Patil raised the issue of Hookah bars becoming a menace in the state which is involved in sale and supply of drugs.
To this Bommai said: “Yes, it is true that these Hookah bars and parlours have become a menace. We understand that drugs are being supplied and sold at these parlours as well. The government will ensure that these bars are not allowed to function.”
The home minister said the licenses to these hookah bars are being distributed by the BBMP and that he has already held a series of discussions with the Palike commissioner in this regard despite lobbying to not close them.
“Though there is a lot of heavy lobbying and pressure from influential people I am very serious about this and will be shutting them down,” said Bommai.

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