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BENGALURU: In the past four months, Karnataka has been testing at least 30% more than its 2020 peak in November when average daily testing was 1,589 per million.
With a slight increase in cases in the past few days, testing may be prioritised in border districts Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu, among others, while maintaining a healthy number across the state, with Bengaluru still being a priority. The overall testing in the state has been reasonably higher than in 2020, but it does not compare too well with Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir, Assam and Delhi, whose weekly average of tests per million is much higher.

The first four days of August have seen 2,158 tests per million (TPM) daily, which is 36% more than the 2020 peak. It was 2,108 in July, 2,235 in June, 1,993 in May and 2,082 in April.
Dr CN Manjunath, nodal officer for Covid testing in Karnataka, said: “The number of tests we have been doing is by no means bad. There needs to be focus on districts bordering Kerala in the coming days along with Bengaluru which will continue to be a priority.”
Since April this year, Karnataka has been conducting over 40 lakh tests per month with June posting record 45.3 lakh. On average, the state has been testing 1.2 lakh samples each day with some days – like August 1 – seeing more than 1.5 lakh tests. “If need be, the available infrastructure can be pushed to conduct up to 1.8 lakh tests per day. This has been achieved in the past on some days when the cases were surging. Doing it daily will lead to backlogs and affect the overall handling of the pandemic,” Manjunath said.
After having peaked in November 2020 with nearly 31.2 lakh monthly tests, Karnataka’s testing had dipped in the next three months — 29.7 lakh in December 2020, 29.5 lakh and 17.6 lakh in January and February 2021, respectively — before picking up again from March 2021. From a low of 17.6 lakh in February, testing jumped to over 26 lakh in March, during the end of which cases had begun to surge. From there, it has been over 41 lakh tests a month.


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