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BENGALURU: Many beneficiaries in the state say they are receiving SMS texts falsely stating that they have taken the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.
For example, Narayan Huche from Raichur district said he has been trying to get the second dose but without much success. About 10 days ago, a message popped up on his phone, saying he was successfully vaccinated.
“I have not yet got the second dose,” Huche said. “I had missed the due date and health workers are now refusing to administer the dose saying the data shows I have already been covered. I was told to get a letter from the city municipal council saying I have not been vaccinated.”
Iliyas from Bidar is in a similar fix. He has already got a vaccination certificate from the Co-Win portal, although he hasn’t taken the second dose. Majid Bilal, who runs Humanity First Foundation, an NGO, said Iliyas contacted him to find a solution. “I have come across at least four such cases,” Bilal said.
Kiran Kumar, another first-dose recipient in Raichur, said he was surprised to see a message saying he was fully vaccinated. “When I had gone with my sister to take the second dose in September my name did not show up on the database. A health worker said I was not yet eligible for the second dose. But in the evening on the same day, I received a message saying I was fully vaccinated. What should I do now?” he wondered. Dr Ramakrishna, Raichur district health officer, insisted data wasn’t being tweaked.
IP Gadad, Belagavi district vaccination officer, admitted that due to technical glitches some people may have received false messages. He said there could be about 100 such cases in the district. “We will rectify the mistakes and administer the second dose to these people,” Gadad said.
A health official from Chitradurga district alleged officials at vaccination centres were manipulating the data just to meet targets, while Vinay V Malge of Team Yuva in Bidar, who work with the administration on vaccine awareness, said health workers in the primary health centres and ASHA workers are under tremendous pressure to the meet targets. “In Bidar alone, false updation has occurred in over 100 centres. The state must now find out who have actually received the vaccine and who haven’t,” Malge said.
Akhila Bhat, a health activist from Bengaluru, said if the same contact number is used, beneficiaries get false messages. For example, if two people register under one contact number, the system will duplicate the dose for both, although one may not have taken the second dose.

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