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BENGALURU: A five-year-old boy who was paralysed and slipped into a coma after he was bitten by a snake during a spell of rain is now back to his normal self. A crowdfunding initiative raised close to Rs 4 lakh for his treatment.
Nischit Gowda, who was discharged from Aster CMI Hospital recently, accidentally stepped on to an Indian krait (kattige haavu, as it is locally known) while opening the door of his house on July 26. Aware that the snake was venomous, his family rushed him to a hospital in their village in Hassan district.
The child had slipped into a coma by the time he reached the hospital. When doctors there said they may not be able to save him, his father, a daily-wage labourer, brought Nischit to Bengaluru the same day.
But by then, the boy was completely paralysed with no respiratory efforts and unstable blood pressure. He was admitted to the children’s ICU, put on life support and administered anti-snake venom and medicines to reverse the paralysis.
Dr Chethan Ginigeri, paediatric intensivist who treated Nischit said krait is one of the most deadly neuroparalytic snakes whose venom damages nerve endings and neuromuscular junctions, resulting in prolonged paralysis.
Nischit was on long-term ventilatory support and underwent tracheostomy — an artificial tube surgically pinned to his windpipe to enable proper breathing. The child slowly regained consciousness after seven days and started showing a flicker of movement, said Dr Ginigeri.
The boy eventually broke out of his paralysis but the recovery of breathing muscles took another two weeks. He was discharged on August 10. Nischit required respiratory and other organ support along with nutritional rehabilitation for his complete recovery.
Doctors thought of the fundraising initiative through Milaap platform as the family couldn’t afford the cost. They managed to pay Rs 2 lakh for the treatment and the remaining Rs 4 lakh was raised through donors.

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