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BENGALURU: A committee comprising academicians, industry leaders and officials among others will be formed to develop ‘Super 30’ engineering colleges in the state by taking up one institution in each district.
It will be headed by Prof Karisiddappa, vice-chancellor, VTU. The decision was taken during a preliminary meeting chaired by higher education minister CN Ashwath Narayan on Friday.
Narayan said the purpose of the committee is to focus on providing quality teaching in every district and meet industry requirements. “Wherever government engineering colleges exist, they will be considered on priority, and in districts with no government college, private engineering colleges will be selected,” he said, adding that colleges already well known for quality education will not be included.
“But those which lack quality teaching will be taken up to be developed as model colleges. The development would mainly concentrate on faculty training, industry collaborations, setting up of laboratories and foreign collaborations rather than physical infrastructure,” he said.
The minister said to begin with, one department in each selected college will be taken up for upgradation and later, the initiative will be expanded to the entire institution. Narayan said the funds needed for this will be shared in the following ratio — 1/3rd will come from companies’ CSR funds, 1/3rd from VTU and 1/3rd from the institution itself.
The selected colleges will be connected with leading industries and the latter will be allowed to guide the colleges. It was also suggested to rope in alumni.

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