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BENGALURU: One person has been taken into custody on charges of placing the banner of a particular religion over the statue of the revered 8th century philosopher Adi Shankaracharya at the temple town of Sringeri, police said on Friday.
Police also clarified that the person, who was under the influence of alcohol while doing it, does not belong to any political party or organisation, and the act is not “premeditated” or done on purpose.
Under the influence of alcohol, the person had brought a banner from a mosque that reflected a religion and had placed the same over a pavilion on the statue of Shankaracharya, they said.
On Thursday, a case was registered against 4 suspects at Sringeri police station, alleging that a banner belonging to SDPI/PFI organisation had been placed over a pavilion on the statue of Shankaracharya situated at Veerappa Gowda Circle in the town on the intervening night of August 12 and 13.
Chikkamagaluru police in a statement said, as this case was very sensitive and raised tension, a police team was formed to investigate.
Stating that the video footage from CCTV cameras installed at various places in Sringeri town were analyzed, it said, the team also questioned the suspects and it was found that a person aged about 28 years had committed the offence and he was taken into custody.
During interrogation, the person admitted that under the influence of alcohol, he had placed a cloth belonging to one God over another God, the statement said, adding he also revealed that as it was raining heavily, he took that banner to cover himself.
“After knowing that the banner relates to a God, he thought of giving it to another God and placed the banner over a pavilion on the statue of Shree Shankaracharya,” it added.
According to police, as the person was completely under the influence of alcohol, he was not aware of what he had done and was also not aware of further consequences.
The person is an alcoholic and on the night of August 12, he had consumed alcohol and under its influence and to cover himself from rain, he had taken a banner from Sringeri Jamiya Mosque, which was used during Eid-Milad festival and had placed it over a pavilion on the statue of Shree Shankaracharya, the police statement said.
During the investigation, it was also found that the banner does not belong to any political party or organization, police said.
According to the statement,the person does not belong to any political party or any organisation.
“It was found that this act is not premeditated and was not done on purpose,” it added.
Sringeri is one of the four seats of spiritual learning set up by the Adi Shankaracharya about 1,300 years ago.
Swami Sri Bharati Teertha is the present Shankaracharya of the Sringeri mutt.

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