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BENGALURU: With no transport options available due to the lockdown, a 45-year-old dailywage worker rode his rickety bicycle for 300km over four days to buy life-saving medicines for his 10-year old son suffering from a chronic neurological problem.
Anand, from Ganiganakoppalu village in T Narasipura taluk, about 30km from Mysuru, had to get tablets for his son on Wednesday night. Ever since his son was diagnosed with the ailment, Anand has been visiting Nimhans, Bengaluru, every two months to get tablets free of cost. Doctors have advised him not to miss even a single dose of medicine for his son as any disruption could set back the treatment plan by years. With the lockdown throwing his scheduled visit to Nimhans in May out of gear, Anand mulled many options, including a train ride, to reach Bengaluru. He pleaded with friends to borrow a scooter or a motorcycle, but they said a polite ‘no’ because of fears that the vehicle may be seized by cops for lockdown violations.
That was when Anand decided to pedal all the way and chose the less-popular Kanakapura route for his journey from Mysuru to Bengaluru and back home, all adding up to well over 300km. With time running out and the Wednesday deadline closing in, Anand took off on his bicycle from his village at 3am on Sunday (May 23) with Rs 600 in hand.
“The bicycle is old, hardly holding together, but I started nevertheless. I spent Sunday night at a temple in Kanakapura taluk, about 60km from Bengaluru. On Monday night, a Banashankari resident in Bengaluru gave me food and shelter. I collected medicines from Nimhans early Tuesday. Nurse Suvarnakka helped me a lot in getting the tablets early. A doctor who learnt of my plight gave me Rs 1,000. I set off on my return journey around Tuesday afternoon and reached home on Wednesday evening,” he said, adding that he was happy that his son did not miss even a single dose.
Besides the son, the couple have a daughter. “After reaching home, I noticed pain in my waist due to constant pedaling for four days. I met a doctor and took medicine. I am back at work now,” he added.

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