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BENGALURU: The central government’s “inadvertent” error to exclude Kannada in the southern region tourism and cultural ministers’ conclave on Thursday flared up into a language row with Karnataka tourism minister Anand Singh also being forced to condemn the mistake.
Held in Bengaluru, the two day conclave was completely in English and Hindi, and did not accord Kannada sign boards for the event which recieved a lot of negative media and criticism.
Realising the gaffe, Singh immediately took the central team to task over the missing Kannada signages at the event.
A video clipping of the minister speaking to the central tourism ministry officials suggested Singh questioning the bureaucrats as to who took the decision to not include Kannada signages at the meet.
He went on to tell them that the state has made it mandatory for every central and state event to have Kannada signages for locals to understand what the programme is all about.
With the situation getting heated, the officials took remedial measures and included a digital information of the conclave in Kannada and displayed it at the event.
Later, after the inaugural session, when questioned about the missing Kannada signages, Singh regretted the error and said it was an inadvertent mistake on behalf of the central government officials.
“While I condemn the missing Kannada signages, it was an inadvertent mistake and not deliberate. No sooner was the matter brought to the notice of the officials, they rectified it and displayed Kannada signages,” said Singh.
The missing Kannada signages is the second such incident involving a central government programme, with the recently inaugurated Metro extension line between Mysuru road and Kengri not having Kannada signages.
The issue even resulted in Kannada and culture minister V Sunil Kumar having issued a show cause notice to the Namma Metro MD.

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