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BENGALURU: Close on the heels of Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC), the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) also banned passengers from playing music or watching movies on speaker mode on mobile phones in its buses.
The state-run corporation also said that violators will be deboarded.

On Friday, KSRTC issued a circular that complaints against passengers playing songs and watching news and movies and causing inconvenience to fellow passengers has increased. It urged drivers and conductors to create awareness among passengers. However, KSRTC has no data on number of such complaints.
The order will also be implemented in other two corporations, including Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KKRTC) and North West Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC).
The move came after a Tumakuru-based advocate filed a PIL in the Karnataka high court seeking restrictions on playing loud music or videos on electronic gadgets in buses and trains. Petitioner L Ramesh Naik, 37, pointed out that playing loud music in buses severely inconveniences co-passengers. The court ordered notices to the commissioner of road safety and railway board earlier this year.
However, the PIL was dismissed on Nov 9 for want of prosecution as the petitioner was not present in court.
“The question raised in the petition is left open to be considered in some other appropriate case,” a division bench headed by chief justice Ritu Raj Awasthi held.In 2019, BMTC had taken action against passengers playing on their mobile phones or iPods during commutes. However, many regular passengers complain there is no enforcement and many continue to play music without earphones/headsets.
According to section 94 (V) of Karnataka Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, if a passenger using a stage carriage bus, sings or plays any musical instrument or operate a transistor radio, then “the driver or the conductor may require such person to alight from the vehicle and may stop the vehicle or keep it stationary until such person has alighted. Such person shall not be entitled to a refund of any fare which he may have paid and any person failing to comply may be removed by the conductor or the driver, or any police officer on being requested by the driver or conductor or any passenger.”


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