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MANIPAL: The department of obstetrics and gynaecology at Kasturba Hospital led by doctors Muralidhar V Pai and Rekha Upadhya has successfully managed two rare tumours –- one of the uterus and the other of the ovary.
The case of uterine tumour was detected in a 42-year-old woman and the ovarian tumour in a 23-year-old unmarried woman, said Dr Avinash Shetty, medical superintendent, Kasturba Hospital, Manipal.
The 42-year-old woman, living with a child, had pain and sudden distension of the abdomen in the last four months.
The woman had a uterine tumour of the size of an eight-month pregnant uterus.
Due to speed of growth, doctors suspected sarcoma, a rare type of uterine cancer and the woman was evaluated for it.
MRI suggested a large tumour with degenerative changes. After counselling and consent, the uterus was removed intact with the tumour that weighed 3.1kg.
The 23-year-old had a large ovarian tumour. Due to her young age, doctors suspected a rare germ cell tumour and she was tested for it.
MRI suggested solid ovarian tumour restricted to one ovary with no spread to other places. Dr Rekha removed the one-sided ovary with tumour saving the uterus and other ovary as the patient was young and unmarried.
As per the medical, the patient will be able to have children of her own.
Dr Rekha has undergone training in management of gynaecological cancers at TATA Cancer Hospital, Mumbai and is available for management of this type of cancers in the OBG department.
Dr Rekha is a member of the team that takes care of cancer in women at the Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre of the hospital, said Dr Shetty and congratulated the team for introducing and performing this complex surgery successfully at the hospital.



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