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BENGALURU: In a stark admission on the quality of roads and repeated tarring and filling of potholes in the city, the state government has said it has spent Rs 20,060 crore on Bengaluru roads in the last five years.
Further, the government has also said not a single kilometre of road is free from trouble but 1,344 kms of arterial and sub-arterial roads are “motorable”. This, out of the 11,283.05km of road in the city.
The statement was placed on record by chief minister Basavaraj Bommai, who also holds the Bengaluru development portfolio, in response to a question raised by Congress MLC P R Ramesh .
“It is astonishing that having spent such a huge sum in the last five years on the city roads and yet there is not a single kilometre of road which is free from thermal cracks, ravelling (disintegration of roads), stripping (loss of bonding in asphalt) or have any sort of potholes,” said Ramesh.
The former Bengaluru mayor went on to point out a specific case with regard to wasteful expenditure on roads when he said that the Magadi road which was freshly asphalted had developed potholes along the entire stretch within three months.
To this, chief minister Basavaraj Bommai admitted that this is a serious issue which has been creating a concern for legislators in the city and successive governments and that the government is considering an audit of the road maintenance.
“I admit, that all of us legislators are receiving flak from the common man for the bad condition of Bengaluru roads. Considering the situation, we are going to embark upon a road maintenance audit in the city,” he said.
Bommai said the audit will record the history of all roads in the city and also record the names of the engineer in-charge, the consultant appointed for the road and the contractor who has laid the road or been given the maintenance contract.
“We will record the roads and also fix the responsibility on the engineers and contractors involved in the road maintenance. If they are not maintained properly or there is an unwanted expenditure on the road then we will initiate action against them,” he said.
Earlier, Bommai said the government had too many experts being consulted on every road which had created different designs for different stretches.
He said a consultant had been hired for all roads and specifications for the streets will be as per the Indian Road Congress (IRC) norms.
CM Bommai said the government will also conduct an inquiry into the Magadi road case.

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