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BENGALURU: A meeting of legislators called by CM BS Yediyurappa on Monday ended on an ugly note as a bitter spat broke out between him and senior BJP MLA Basanangouda Patil Yatnal in the presence of MLAs, ministers and senior party functionaries.
Yediyurappa had called the meeting to defuse the brewing discontent among party MLAs following complaints that he was not devoting enough time and funds to them. Both senior leaders reportedly shouted at each other in the singular, MLAs witness to the incident said.

The spat started after Yatnal, part of a meeting involving legislators from Mumbai-Karnataka region, reportedly complained about Yediyurappa’s son BY Vijayendra alleging that his increasing involvement in the administration was proving costly for the party and its government. “It’s not what senior party leaders such as AB Vajpayee and PM Modi have taught us (that to not involve the family). The (Lingayat) community had tall leaders such as Veerendra Patil and SR Bommai. You are dragging yourself through the mud,” Yatnal reportedly told the CM.
According to an MLA, Yatnal started off his speech at the meeting, questioning Yediyurappa’s skewed fund allocation for constituencies of certain BJP MLAs.
MLA questions CM on funds
Why do Shivamogga and Shikaripura get more funds at the expense of other constituencies? Why haven’t you fulfilled the promise of setting aside Rs 25,000 crore for Upper Krishna Project,” Yatnal reportedly asked, hinting Yediyurappa was neglecting north Karnataka.
Yediyurappa reportedly said he could not keep the promise due to financial constraints. Yatnal is said to have countered: “Why hasn’t the pandemic stopped you from giving funds to your district?” A miffed Yediyurappa reportedly said, “Are you trying to intimidate me and indulge in goondagiri? Get out!” Yatnal shot back, “I’m not indulging in goondagiri. You have called me for the meeting. I have not come to your house to be told to get out.”
Yatnal reportedly said: “It’s your family — specifically your son Vijayendra, who is running this government — that will be the reason for your downfall. It is best if you resign as CM while you still have credibility.”
Sources said he accused the CM of trying to send a mediator to his house asking him to meet Vijayendra. “Who is Vijayendra? Why should I talk to him? He is a bachcha (a kid) before me. When I’m dealing with his father, why should I, an experienced party MLA and former Union minister, meet a kid?”


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