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HAVERI: Haveri police sniffer dog squad has grown in strength with the addition of Jhansi, a female Doberman. After Johnny’s death, Jhansi was inducted into Johnny’s place.
Johnny had aided in crackinng over 65 criminal cases in the district, including murder, theft, and robbery, and the dog was a nightmare for criminals. The 14-month-old dog, has been trained at the Adugodi police headquarters and is prepared to assist in the investigation of crimes.
“In Bengaluru, Jhansi was taught how to behave with others, how to attack, how to follow instructions, its duty, and discipline. Jhansi is a very sensitive, and understanding animal, it has been following our instructions perfectly,” said trainer Fakiresh Kamanahalli.
Srikant Kabbur, another trainer, stated that they have been monitoring Jhansi’s health on a daily basis. The dog is being taken out in the mornings for walks, running, and exercises. All four dogs — Jhansi, Julie, Kanana and Rani — eat breakfast consisting of milk, eggs, malt, cereals, and vegetables. In the evening they train for two hours again and will have dinner. This is the daily routine for sniffer dogs. Their schedules may change if are sent outside, he explained.
Maruti Hegade of the CPI district armed reserve police said that Jhansi can trace criminals up to 11kms from the incident site. “These four sniffer dogs are being cared for by four dog parents, assistant dog parents, and chefs,” he added.
“In the district, Kanaka and Rani, two labrador breed dogs, are already working in the bomb-detecting department. All the four dogs were depolyed during Mysuru Dasara, Bengaluru air show, winter sessions in Belagavi, and VIP and VVIP public events. The police sniffer dog squad also assisted in the investigation of numerous thefts, robberies, and murder cases in the district,” said Hanumantaraya, Haveri’s superintendent of police.

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