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MANGALURU: Bollu now has a formidable reputation among the mongrels of Bilinele village in Dakshina Kannada, having survived a night and day with a leopard in a toilet, at the end of which he walked out while the leopard darted through the roof.
The big cat had its own success story: it slunk beneath the very nets cast to trap it and returned to the forests.

The dog with the owner
If the encounter was video-worthy, so was the discovery. Jayalakshmi, the owner of the house, was at her relative’s on Tuesday night, when the leopard likely strayed in from the adjacent Kombaru reserve forest. Early Wednesday morning, a family member saw the stout tail of the leopard through the toilet door.
Leopard & dog had marked territory in small toilet
Without skipping a beat, she locked the door and went on to call forest officials. What bystanders captured through the toilet window was intriguing: the leopard curled into a corner, and diagonally opposite was Bollu, each apparently having marked their territory in captivity. The house belongs to late Venkappa Gowda of Moolemane in Kaikamba.
“It is located adjacent to Kombaru forest. The leopard may have entered human habitation chasing the dog at night. And while the dog took shelter in the toilet, the leopard probably followed it,” said Subrahmanya Range RFO HT Raghavendra. The two remained closeted, in a space barely 3 feet by four feet, until 1.45pm on Wednesday when the big cat made a dash for it. Through the morning, forest officials placed two layers of nets on the asbestos sheets that served as the toilet roof and got permission to dart the animal.
“We realised it was a risky operation since the asbestos sheet was merely placed on top of the bathroom and wasn’t secured to anything. For a 100kg leopard, escaping through it was not an impossible task.”
And that was what happened. The leopard shot through a hole in the asbestos sheet and ran beneath the nets to freedom. “No injury was caused to anyone in the house. The leopard was below five years of age and weighed 80-100kg,” the RFO said.


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