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A team from BBMP’s health department began inoculating doctors, paramedics and other staff of Railway Hospital at Rail Wheel Factory premises in Bengaluru on Thursday

BELAGAVI: A section of doctors, especially those based in North Karnataka, are demanding that the government put out sufficient information on the post-inoculation deaths of two healthcare workers. They said this will build confidence and clear the air over safety concerns swirling around the Covid-19 vaccine.
A Group D worker in Ballari district and a doctor in Shivamogga district died two days after they were vaccinated. Both were administered Serum Institute of India’s Covishield vaccine. The state government and the Centre have insisted that the deaths are not linked to the vaccine, but doctors are apprehensive and claim the government, perhaps, is not being completely forthright since a frank admission could sabotage the vaccination drive.
Medical professionals say besides autopsy reports, the government must conduct extensive investigations to rule out side effects for people suffering from pre-existing chronic diseases like coronary artery disease. Both healthcare workers who died had heart ailments.
Dr Srinivas Kakkilaya, general physician, who coauthored a book on the SARS-CoV2 virus in a vernacular language, said neither of the vaccine makers has published any data on safety and effectiveness of their products.
“It is imperative for the state to transparently probe these deaths and put out all details,” said Dr Kakkilaya. He said health minister K Sudhakar’s statements that the deaths are not related to the vaccine is farcical since he spoke even before the autopsy report was out.
“The irony is that the government does not have enough data to establish anything,” Dr Kakkilaya said. “There are so many people suffering from comorbidities so it’s the responsibility of the government to gather data and make it public.”
Dr Satish Nesari who works at Belagavi Institute of Medical Sciences said the government must put to rest all confusion arising from the deaths. “The autopsy is an eye wash,” he said. “While taking the vaccine is important, allaying fears and safety concerns is equally imperative.”
Anil Patil, president, Belagavi Indian Medical Association, admitted there is a paucity of data since side effects could show up even six months or a year later. He said it happened with the hepatitis B vaccine.
“After a year some complained of multiple sclerosis,” Patil said. But he insisted the Covid-19 vaccine was safe. “I have taken the vaccine and I advise others not to let the opportunity slip,” Patil said. “However, at the end of the day, it is left to the individual as the process is voluntary.”



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