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BENGALURU: As with fresh cases, there has been a steep decrease in the number of Covid-19 fatalities in the state in November and December, resulting in the case fatality rate (CFR) — deaths per 100 cases — plunging to its lowest in the two months since the pandemic hit in March. At 0.97%, the CFR in December so far is even better than 0.99% in November.
The state reported 610 deaths in November: 340 in the first two weeks and 260 in the second half of the month. The first 16 days of December have so far seen only 193 fatalities, making the continuing decline more pronounced. While November saw 61,485 cases, the corresponding figure for the first 16 days in December stands at 19,768.
The total number of people who succumbed to the virus in November is the lowest since July (2,068), from where the number increased in August before marginally dipping in September. The decline has been significant from October (2,304). As of December, Karnataka reported a total 11,971 deaths at a CFR of 1.32%, and only 803 of these were in the past two months.
Experts attribute the decline in deaths to multiple factors: From improved awareness that has led to early admission in hospitals, to a dipping positivity rate that has increased the availability of beds among other things.
Other than these factors, they said the state now has a better treatment protocol compared to June or July. Having learnt lessons early on, the strategy is now streamlined even in semiurban and rural hospitals.
Analysis of weekly death numbers shows that the second week of November had already seen the lowest fatalities (139) since the last eight days of June, when 109 deaths were reported. Weekly deaths have further reduced from there to 109 between November 15 and 21, and 137 in the nine days between November 21 and 30.
There were only 89 deaths between December 1 and 7, and another 104 up to December 16. These two weeks, in fact, saw fewer deaths than the whole of June, which had 197 fatalities.
At 1.3%, Karnataka’s overall CFR is better than India’s
(1.45%), and the government has been trying to bring it down to below 1%.
The CFR in November and December is better than even March. This is because March and April, which had 3% and 4% CFR, respectively, had very few cases — 101 and 464 — compared to any other month.
Also, the number of cases has been dipping consistently from October, which experts say is also indicative of the virus spread being brought under control, but add that people must still continue to take precautions given expectations of a second wave.

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