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BENGALURU: Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa on Friday worshiped a cow here in Bengaluru a few days after the state assembly passed the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill-2020 on December 9.
The Karnataka chief minister said that 90 per cent of people are happy with the anti-cow slaughter bill.
“Cows are considered a sign of wealth in Indian tradition. Today, we have offered ‘gau pooja’. We will provide facilities for abandoned cows. I think 90 per cent of people are happy with this bill,” said CM Yediyurappa.
The anti-cow slaughter bill was passed in the Karnataka assembly on Wednesday amid uproar and walkout by opposition parties, Congress and the JD(S).
Under this bill, three and seven years jail and (or) a fine up to Rs 5 lakh will be imposed. Subsequent offences can invite fines up to Rs 10 lakh and a jail term of up to seven years.
Explaining the provisions of the bill, Karnataka minister JC Madhuswamy had said: “The slaughter of cows and calves are not allowed while the slaughter of buffaloes above 13 years is allowed. Illegal selling, transportation or culling of cows has been made punishable. If a cow has contracted a disease, which can spread to other cattle, then it can be culled or slaughtered.”
Meanwhile, the opposition parties have alleged that the bill was not discussed for tabling in the Business Advisory Committee meeting.

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