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Congress MLA DK Shivakumar with former CM HD Kumaraswamy in the Karnataka assembly (File Photo)

BENGALURU: With the final rabbit being pulled out of the hat, by getting JD(S) patriarch HD Deve Gowda elected to the Rajya Sabha– after facing a humiliating defeat in the Lok Sabha elections 2019– the magic show of an alliance between two old frenemies, JD(S) and Congress has finally ended.
On Wednesday, after a two-and-half-year of bonhomie, former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy and KPCC president DK Shivakumar relationship appeared to have parted ways with the former accusing the latter of being the “troublemaker” rather than a “troubleshooter”.
“He (Shivakumar) went around proclaiming himself as the troubleshooter for the coalition. But in reality, it was his interference in Belagavi politics that brought the downfall of my coalition. He became the troublemaker. If the Congress leadership wanted they could have put an end to it but they wanted out and decided to let it continue,” Kumaraswamy told a regional channel.
According to those close to Kumaraswamy, the fresh salvo against Shivakumar and the Congress comes in the wake of JD(S) witnessing its control over the old Mysuru region withering.
“Had we joined hands with the BJP, it would have been even more beneficial. The DK brothers could have been tackled aggressively, Mandya would continue to be under our control and the saffron party inroads could have been checked,” said one JD(S) worker.
Now, with the end of the “secular” alliance, Kumaraswamy has made it a fight for survival by trying to push back Shivakumar and his brother D K Suresh.
On Wednesday, newly-appointed MLC and former Channapatna MLA C P Yogeeshwar lit the fire by pitting Kumaraswamy against the DK brothers in Ramanagara.
“With the leader himself aligned with the BJP, I urge the JD(S) leaders and workers to support the Yediyurappa government and even join the party. I, in fact, invite Kumaraswamy to join the BJP,” he said, adding
Yogeeshwar also targeted his former friend-come-foe, Shivakumar by saying the Congress state president while opposing the government has always rooted for Yediyurappa to complete his tenure.
He claimed the Congress leaders while fighting the government in the morning have been visiting the CM in the evening to get their work done.
To Yogeeshwar’s statement, Shivakumar was vociferous in his defence and said: “Has he gone mental? Till about 15 days back, he had come and fell at my feet, not letting go for at least 5 minutes, asking me to induct him into the Congress party as the BJP was planning to change Yediyurappa at the helm of affairs. I only advised him to go back to the BJP and remain loyal to that party.”
Meanwhile, the JD(S) appears to be back to its old games of keeping its options open for the future.
While Kumaraswamy may have gone soft on the BJP government, the party leadership has categorically stated that it will not be joining hands with the saffron party.
“No matter the stand taken by our leaders, while addressing issues and not targeting the BJP government at present, the JD(S) will remain equidistant from both the Congress and BJP,” said party state president H K Kumaraswamy.


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