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BENGALURU: After a 19-month Covidinduced hiatus, staterun Jungle Lodge and Resorts Ltd (JLR), last week, finally resumed the much sought-after long river rafting water sport at GaneshGudi near Dandeli. The 11km rafting trip has eight rapids and is a big draw among tourists.
Rafts leave from Ganesh-Gudi, a tourist hub located on the Kali river in the Western Ghats, and reach Moulangi. A trip costs Rs 1,350 per participant. JLR has currently assigned two operators.
Rafting commenced on October 7 and, so far, the two operators have conducted a total of 15 trips with more than 200 enthusiasts enjoying the sport. The sport depends heavily on water being released from Supa dam.
JLR employees say tourist footfall has seen a steady increase after long rafting resumed, but they could not give actual numbers. They say the increase had kindled hopes of tour operators recovering losses incurred due to lockdowns and restrictions.
Although a few private operators offered 3km and 4km rafting trips after restrictions were lifted, the state government did not permit JLR to resume water sport activities. Dandeli is the only tourist hub in southern India which offers river rafting, and people from across the country journey to the tourist destination to indulge in the sport.
Appa Saheb Nadaf, a manager at JLR, said the resort offered rafting only for four days as two days were spent in preparation. Another day was lost since water was not released from the dam.
Nadaf said: “There are other sports like boating, zipline, jacuzzi and water roller among others on offer,” he said. “Expectations are high as rafting commenced for the first time after the pandemic struck. Now, the crowds are about average [compared to pre-pandemic times], but we expect it to increase on coming weekends.”
Rahul Bavaji, a homestay operator at Dandeli, said resumption of rafting is a good sign for business. “Many potential visitors were enquiring about long rafting. JLR has done well to resume business,” he said.

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