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MADIKERI: Angry with his wife for leaving home after a fight, a 50-year-old estate worker set fire to her brother’s home in the early hours of Saturday, killing her and five others of the family, including four children.
The extended family, joined by several relatives and their children for Good Friday, was in deep sleep and only four made it alive out of the burning house.
Police said the accused, Yeravara Boja, had a strained relationship with his wife Babi, 40, for years now and a week ago, she walked out following a quarrel. She went to her brother’s house and had been staying there since. Both Boja and his brother-in-law, Manju, work at estates in Mugutageri village of Ponnampet taluk in Kodagu. Boja had been calling her, police said, and threatening to harm her if she did not return to him.
Kodagu man opened roof tiles to pour petrol, set house ablaze
On Good Friday, there was a huge gathering at Manju’s line house in the estate. Besides his second wife Bhojakki and their eight-monthold son, there were his two sons from his first marriage, a distant relative Thola, his two children and his aunt, Cheethe. By midnight, the entire family had gone to sleep in the small house.
Around 2am, a heavily drunk Boja came to the house with a can of petrol, police said. Climbing a ladder, he opened a few roof tiles, poured petrol into the house and set fire to it. He then locked the house and fled, police said. Baby, 45-year-old Cheethe and Thola’s six-yearold daughter Prarthana died immediately. Manju’s sons from his first marriage — sixyear-old Prakash and sevenyear-old Vishwas — and Thola’s four-year-old son, Vishwas, were rushed to hospital in Mysuru but died soon after. Manju and Thola managed to save Bhojakki and the infant. Gonikoppal police said they are being treated in hospital and are out of danger.
Gonikoppal police registered a case of murder and are on the lookout for Boja.

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