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Now that the results of the Class 10 and Class 12 board exams are out, “What next?” is the question primary on most students’ minds. For a successful future, it is important that the career path they select is in alignment with their personality, aptitude and passion. To help students take the right decision, Times of India organized Mission Admission 2020, the biggest higher education webinar in Bengaluru, where eminent educationists, industry stalwarts and other experts were present to guide students. Mission Admission 2020, was powered by Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru Campus.

The right kind of guidance goes a long way when students are charting out their future. Mission Admission is a platform that enables students and parents to get a holistic understanding of courses available after Class 12 or PU. The best colleges and universities in Karnataka provide students and parents information about admission, courses, fees, campus and infrastructure. By employing psychometric tests, conducting discussion forums, giving students a platform to meet experts from different fields and a chance to explore exams and careers, Mission Admission has the ground covered to lead you to the right destination.


Students Should Follow Their Passion And Aptitude

Shri Karisiddappa, Vice Chancellor of Visvesvaraya Technological University said, “Pandemic and setbacks are temporary. The opportunities ahead are immense We can’t predict what will happen in four years, but good things are in store if one follows their passion and heart.”

Mr Venugopal KR, Vice Chancellor of Bangalore University stated, “Pandemic may pose challenges. But students must make a decision that matches their passion. Future is bright and holds many opportunities. Degrees won’t have boundaries and students will have plenty of course options.”

Blended Learning Is The Way Forward For Engineering

Colleges may not open soon and classes will be held online. Will online teaching be as effective as physical classes in engineering? This question has been bothering many engineering aspirants. In a virtual session of Mission Admission, an esteemed panel comprising MK Panduranga Setty, Chairman of the Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST); BV Ravishankar, Principal of BMS College of Engineering: and Sriram Devanathan, Principal of Amrita School of Engineering discussed the future of engineering courses in a post-Covid world and how the pandemic will reshape engineering education.

mediawire_image_0Dr Sriram Devanathan

“Parents want children to return from abroad and study in India. Management quotas in top colleges are full. But there are also colleges that are worried whether they will have students. Colleges don’t want fees to be increased. Fees should not be a deterrent for students,” said Mr. MK Panduranga Shetty, Chairman, RSST.

“This is the perfect time for academy and industry integration. There is some slack time in the industry now and they can use it for training and academia.” Said Mr Sriram Devanathan, Principal, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.

Students Will Find Big Opportunity In 5G, IoT

Everything that can be connected will get connected and this will dramatically change how we live and work. It’s also an enormous opportunity for students to specialize in areas that will enable this connectivity. That was the main message of the speakers at a panel on 5G and loT (lnternet of things) at TOI’s Mission Admission programme.

Debabrata Das, professor at IIT-Bangalore, said, “Cars, homes, agriculture will become smart through connectivity and there will soon be a time when each human being will have an average of about 100 loT devices. That would mean 700 billion loT devices communicating with each other.” That will put pressure on the network and bandwidth. And that’s where 5G becomes crucial.”

“5G Is fueling loT development, because loT will need that bandwidth and low latency. Developments In these technologies will In future allow us to transmit our senses.” believes Dr Navin Kumar, Associate Professor, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. He added, US Industrial IoT firm Samsara, which started in 2015, already has 1600 employees with a revenue of $300 million. This clearly shows the growth in IoT space.

mediawire_image_0Dr Navin Kumar

AI And Robots Will Soon Be Everywhere

Vlshwanathan, Co-founder & CEO, Invento Robotics, said, “Covid-19 has accelerated the use of robots in healthcare and hospitals. This could be an early mover advantage. Imagine the previous generation in computer science courses. There is a similar explosion in robotics,” he said. He talked about a world by 2030, where robots would be as common as mobiles.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is in every discipline. Students can come from any discipline to learn and use AI, said Dr Amudha J, Associate Professor, Amrita School of Engineering. Dr Amudha said the significance of AI in Industries is to take use cases and enhance customer experience. AI goes through the browsing history of your content and offers suggestions based on the same.

mediawire_image_0Dr Amudha J

The 4 day webinar series happened from the 5th-8th August and was hosted live in the FB page of The Times of India – Bengaluru. Students can view all the sessions by visiting this page.

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