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HUBBALLI: The hike in the penalty for drunken driving and other traffic violations was hoped to ring in discipline among the motorists; however, one consequence of the move that was wholly unforeseen has put twin cities’ police in a bit of a fix. The steep hike in fines has resulted in nearly 200 two-wheelers seized from motorists for various offences lying unclaimed at the traffic police stations for almost ten months, leaving them cramped for space.
Following the amendment of the Motor Vehicles Act, the fine for drunken driving was increased to Rs 10,000. Consequently, many vehicle owners are hesitating to pay such a steep price to reclaim their automobiles.
A constable said that, bikers who were confirmed drunk following the breath analyser test, often left their two-wheelers on the spot and fled. “We take the bike or scooter and on occasion, autorickshaws, to the police station and await the arrival of the owner. But few people turn up at the station to reclaim their vehicle after paying a fine,” he said.
He said that guarding the vehicles was an additional responsibility for the cops at the station, already overburdened with other duties.
An inspector at a traffic police station recently directed two constables to identify owners of the vehicles, collect their address and other information from the regional transport office. “Following this exercise, nearly 10 owners reclaimed their vehicles after completing all legal formalities,” a source said.
Hubballi-Dharwad police commissioner Labhu Ram said that he had already directed officials to dispose of the seized vehicles in accordance with the prescribed rules. “Officials have already started the process,” he said.

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