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BENGALURU: The Howrah Duronto special train on Sunday departed 26 minutes late from its originating station, Yeshwantpur, to ensure that a six-year-old girl who had made a recovery from brain tumour faced no difficulty during travel as she was on a breathing support machine.
South Western Railway officials said train no. 02246 to Howrah, which was supposed to leave at 11am from Yeshwantpur on Sunday, departed at 11.26am.
Jainab Mondal, the patient, had come to Bengaluru in mid-August and was on treatment at St Philomena’s Hospital for over two-and-a-half months. The girl had undergone surgery and also suffered from respiratory paralysis. During her recovery, she was on tracheostomy and a BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) machine, a respiratory assistive device that also travelled along with her to Howrah.
“With the BiPAP machine the child was stable. As a precautionary measure, the child was also given oxygen cylinders and an oxygen concentrator. As such the girl didn’t require it, but it was kept as a stand-by. The railway authorities wanted to crosscheck if it works given the voltage fluctuation on the train,” said Dr Rajeev V, head of department, pediatrics, St Philomena’s Hospital, Bengaluru.
The parents were trained in what needed to be done in case of an emergency, Dr Rajeev said.
The train covered a distance of 1,953km and reached Howrah at 3.56pm on Monday, ahead of its scheduled arrival time of 4.45pm. SWR chief public relations officer Aneesh Hegde said: “The patient required an oxygen concentrator for the journey. But due to power issues inside the coach, the oxygen concentrator did not function so the kid required oxygen cylinder back-up, which was arranged for at Bangarpet with help from the railways.”
Humayun Mallik, the girl’s uncle, said: “Jainab is stable. She didn’t have any issues throughout the journey.”
The incident came to light after Kedarnath Reddy, who was at Yeshwantpur station, wrote about it on Twitter. He tweeted: “Hats off to the team SWR Bangalore division staff, heights of handling a 6 year-aged kid difficulty in breathing.. detaining the train for more than 20m to provide necessary assistance to ailing kid..Hope the kid is taken care enroute (sic)“.
In the video he posted on Twitter, the child was taken inside the coach on a stretcher, accompanied by four people. Later, Reddy told TOI: “The child was in a lying position. It was impressive to see railway officials swing into action quickly.”
The girl was operated upon by team head Dr Sujay Rao, paediatric neurosurgeon and pediatric intensivist Dr Swarnika Mishra.
‘Good Samaritan’ act: Howrah train departs 26 minutes late to help child with brain tumour

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