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The situation outside crematoriums and in hospitals continued to be grim in Bengaluru on Friday

BENGALURU: With the number of people needing hospitalisation increasing and the state facing a shortage of just about everything from drugs to oxygen needed to treat patients, tempers are fraying.
“How is it that aged politicians like BS Yediyurappa and HD Deve Gowda easily get beds and recover, while my family members die?” thundered 35-year-old Shivanna, who lost three members of his family to the virus in a matter 10 days.
Vidyaranyapura police were in a quandary for hours after Shivanna, a resident of Singapura Layout, refused to allow the body of his wife, Girija, to be removed from his house for cremation on Wednesday night.
The ordeal for Shivanna began on April 21 when Girija’s grandmother died of Covid-19. The next day, Girija lost her mother to the virus. Both were admitted to a hospital when they passed. With Girija too running a fever, Shivanna got her tested and called the helpline begging for a hospital bed.
Shivanna, who sells milk, tried approaching private hospitals to admit his wife as her condition began to deteriorate. “One private hospital demanded Rs 5 lakh before admission. Where can I get the money from? Girija refused to be admitted since she saw two of her loved ones dying in hospital. I somehow convinced her, but all in vain. On Wednesday, Girija died at home,” Shivanna said.
Shivanna went on to say: “Many like me cannot get a bed, yet it is strange that people like 78-year-old Yediyurappa and 87-year-old Devegowda easily get beds and recover. Why is it not the same for me or the public?
A father to two daughters aged 11 and 14 years, Shivanna kept his wife’s body at home for hours, despite him being a primary contact and his daughters’ lives being put at risk. After learning about it, Vidyaranyapura police arrived at his residence, but he refused to hand over the body for cremation. Police struggled to convince him.
Grieving and frustrated Shivanna asked police if they could arrange a bed for their family members at least. “I have seen a police sub-inspector literally begging for a bed to admit his family member. Forget about saving me, first please save yourself [police] and your family members,” Shivanna told the cops.
The incident went on from 9pm to 11pm before police eventually convinced Shivanna, while assuring him that they would do all they could if he or his daughters contracted the infection.
Shivanna told TOI on Friday that all three of them have tested negative. But the pandemic has cast a long shadow over the family’s very existence.
Shivanna, who has cows and distributes milk, says that all his customers have stopped buying milk from him after his family members tested positive. “My neighbours treat us like terrorists and have socially boycotted us. What have we done to deserve this?” he said.



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