Here’s the vac-scene: 1.49 lakh Bengalureans will get the first jabs

In Bengaluru, 1.49 lakh people who will get the jab first have been identified. Health workers, students of private, govt and nursing colleges are among them. The countdown has begun

It’s official. The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has finalised a list of 1, 49,117 people who will receive the first shot of the vaccine when it is available in the city.

BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad said that the details have been finalised and forwarded to the health department. As per the break up (data of December 8), 17,956 are from government health care facilities, 66,506 from private ones, and 64,655 are students of private, para and nursing colleges. Sources in the health ministry said that a shortlist will be drawn from this longlist of people who will get the jab in the first few days after the vaccine’s arrival. The vaccination centre’s details will also be finalised soon.

Training begins

Meanwhile, the training for vaccinators is set to begin on Tuesday. For this purpose, five doctors have been chosen and they will in turn train the trainers. A senior official said that the training will be held at the respective divisions of the BBMP both as online and offline modes. Medical officers, doctors, auxiliary nursing and midwives, pharmacists, staff nurses and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) will be part of the BBMP health training programme. A similar training programme will also be held at the respective public health centres for doctors and anganwadi workers.

As per the modules drawn up for vaccination training, there will be sessions on vaccination room maintenance, protocols at waiting rooms and the arrangements to be done at vaccination rooms. There will also be a post-injection observation room and vaccinators will be trained to observe patients after inoculation to take steps if the person develops side effects. After receiving the vaccination, the person will have to wait in the observation room for at least 30 minutes.


We also need to train the trainers on last-minute screening to identify people who show up with illnesses. These people will have to be put into a separate list for deferred vaccination

– A health official

Health officials are also working on seating arrangements with strict physical distancing while people wait for their turns to get vaccinated. “We also need to focus on communication. It is very important to spread the right message and to calm people down if they’re feeling anxious about taking the vaccine,” said an official, adding that they will also focus on various protocols and reporting formats besides safely disposing the waste.

Another official said that most of the health workers are already well versed with a number of routine immunisation programs. Hence, the current training will focus on different aspects of communication and awareness among the public in future. “Currently, we have listed a section of people who will get the vaccines first but we need to prepare for when the vaccine will be administered to the masses. This will be a challenging task. We also need to train the trainers on last minute screening to identify people who show up with illnesses. These people will have to put into a separate list for deferred vaccination,” said another health official. Even the vaccines takers from the first list may also become vaccinators when mass vaccination begins. Hence the training will focus on preparing them for new tasks.

If we look at the state figures, the health department has drawn up a list of 4.7 lakh people who will get the jab first and this includes 2.4 lakh people working in government hospitals and rest from private hospitals and other related fields. Around 68,217 doctors and paramedics have been identified as vaccinators in the state so far.

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