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BENGALURU: Former Karnataka chief minister H D Kumaraswamy on Monday termed the BJP government as uncivilised and is on its way to committing “self-suicide” while hoping for the peoples mandate favouring the Janata Dal (secular) in achieving a complete majority at the next assembly polls.
Speaking to the media after the party’s first meeting to revive its fortunes in a renewed format, Kumaraswamy said the JD(S) has survived over the years despite losing leadership, and will continue to survive in the future.
“There are many who have come and gone. Take for example Iqbal Ansari and G T Deve Gowda. While Ansari was a minister in my 2004 government, he left the party and lost the elections. He later returned to the party and won and once again left to lose. Gowda also was the same, having left BJP and joined JD(S). He then went on to return to BJP and came back to become a minister in the previous coalition government. We will see what 2023 will bring in his case,” said the former CM.
Reacting to union minister Amit Shah’s rally in Belagavi and his statement of pride that the Koppal toy cluster will encourage more home grown factories to cut dependency on Chinese toys, Kumaraswamy said: “This uncivilised BJP government did not even have the courtesy to invite me, the brainchild of the cluster which I had brought under compete with China policy in the 2018 coalition government.”
He said the JD(S) will continue to fight on issues against both the national parties and that the BJP was on its way to commit self-suicide.
“We do not need to attack the BJP. Welting under the pressure of its own party MLAs onslaught and the corruption within the government, it is well on its way to committing self-suicide. This happened in 2013 and will repeat again,” he said.
Kumaraswamy said the JD(S) will form seven committees under the leadership of the senior party leadership to build and strengthen the cadre base across the state over the next two years.
“These seven committees will be headed by our loyal leadership and will be given the responsibility of those regions,” he said.

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