Guards needed. Only those vaxxed may apply please

By Upama Upadhyaya

Residents of apartment complexes are helping security guards get vaccinated. While recruiting help, they are insisting new employees agree to get the shots

Apartment complexes in the city are going all out to ensure that the security guards at the premises are vaccinated. Not only are they organising vaccination drives, they are also educating the guards about the benefits of vaccination.

A resident of Adithi Victory 2, Moksha Ruth Ebenezer, tells Bangalore Mirror the security guard employed at their apartment complex has been working there for five years. The guard had got a lot of false information from social media and WhatsApp, which had put him off vaccination.

“We convinced him by telling him about the science behind the vaccination. Now, both his wife and he are vaccinated as we were looking out for both his wellness as well as our own. The residents in the apartment paid for their vaccination,” she says.

For Natalie Sarah Nischal, a resident of Purva Palm Beach, vaccination of the workers on the premises became all the more important as she is pregnant.

“Yes, all our security guards and the people who help around are vaccinated. The association itself took everyone to get them vaccinated. It is very important for everyone to be vaccinated for their and our safety as well,” she says.

Moksha says for now their apartment complex is helping vaccinate even those who they are newly employing. “If we had to give a job to someone who is not vaccinated, we take the initiative of taking them to the hospital to get vaccinated,” she says.

Sheba Ann Santhosh of Vaishnavi Ratnam Apartment says all the residents want the security guards to be vaccinated because there is a high level of interaction.


Safe interaction

“Everyday when I go out and come back in, I have to interact with the security guard and come in close contact with them, so for my safety as well as theirs I want my security guard to be vaccinated. And while hiring a security guard I would prefer to employ someone who is vaccinated. In my talk with them, I would want to know clearly if they are vaccinated or not,” she says.

The association took everyone for vaccination. It is important for all to be vaccinated for their and our safety

–Natalie Sarah, resident of a flat

For some, it is a matter of priority. Senkalong Imchen, resident of Chinnappa residency says, all of us are potential carriers for the virus so getting vaccinated is a must.

“I would only hire a guard who isn’t vaccinated if they decide to get vaccinated in a few given days. But during the recruitment process itself I would choose someone who has already been vaccinated over one who is not,” she says.

Sandeep V says they also want to ensure that they have the guards’ good health in mind.

“While hiring guards in the current situation, we the residents would require a fit and healthy and fully vaccinated security guard, because our safety and their safety is important. The guard at our aparment complex is vaccinated too.”

One of the main reasons why they are talking to the guards is because many times vaccine hesitancy can be removed with a good informative chat.

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