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BENGALURU: A 30-year-old man, his wife, mother and grandmother landed in police custody on charges of throwing his two-year-old daughter into a well and killing her. The reason: The girl was physically challenged — she had no control over her limbs and couldn’t speak.
The incident took place at a village in Satanur of Kanakapura taluk, around 80km from Bengaluru. Investigators say it’s a case they can never forget.

The girl, S Mahadevi, was the only child of B Shankara and K Manasa from Maralebekuppe village. Shankara, Manasa, 21, Shankara’s mother B Jayaratnamma, 50, and his grandmother J Bhadramma, 75, were arrested. The couple works in a chemical factory in Harohalli industrial area. Jayaratnamma and Bhadramma are homemakers.
In their confession, Shankara and Manasa told police they were worried about their daughter’s future. “We were spending more than Rs 10,000 per month on her medicines. Doctors said the physical immobility may remain for lifetime. How could we look after her in future? We both need to work for livelihood. Who would take care of her after the death of my mother and grandmother? So we decided to kill her,” the man said.
Instead of opposing the couple’s plan, Jayaratnamma and Bhadramma agreed to the decision and said they would carry the child and throw her into the well, police said. The two elderly women took the child to a defunct well inside an agricultural farm in Yedamaranahalli, around 6km from their home, on March 8 morning. Shankara and Manasa, who knew about this, left early for their factory.
On their way, the women crossed Mahadeshvara temple and its priest Siddappaji noticed them. Early evening, the women returned via the same route when Siddappaji was locking the temple door. He recalled he’d seen them carrying the child in the morning and realised they were returning empty handed. By the next day, villagers alerted police saying a child’s body was floating in the well. Soon, Kanakapura police inspector TT Krishna and his team visited the spot. The girl was identified. By then, Siddappaji, who reached the spot, told police he had seen the kid with the women in the morning. “When I saw them later, the child was missing,” he confirmed.
Police visited Shankara’s residence. The couple, who didn’t go for work that day, was informed about the tragedy and taken to the spot for identification.
“The couple first told us the girl could have been taken by someone and murdered. Soon, Shankara realised we had got to know that his mother and grandmother had taken the child in the direction of the well and returned empty handed. He broke down and spilled the beans,” police said. The accused were sent to judicial custody.


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