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The forest area inside BU campus caught fire on Friday. (Picture credit: Agencies)

BENGALURU: Several fire incidents since February 27 have ravaged over 200 acres of land at eight locations in the bio-park of Jnanabharathi, Bangalore University.
Experts say these fires have had a huge impact on biodiversity. Prof TJ Renuka Prasad, ex-coordinator of Biopark, designated special officer of Biopark, said: “Several rare, endangered and threatened medicinal plants have been destroyed. Areas which are enriched with birds and butterflies also suffered loss. A fire preparedness plan has to be taken up by the campus development committee. Fire hydrants at several locations will help a lot. Quick-response vehicles should be made available on the campus to reach the interior parts of the forest.”
Prasad said he has requested for patrolling of the campus by armed personnel to prevent not only fire but also miscreants’ movement. “This will help in checking sandalwood theft, cattle grazing and other related issues, which cause manmade fires on the campus. Sprinkling of treated water on dried leaves may also be considered,” he said.
KM Kariarju, fire station officer, Nagarbhavi, said: “On Friday, nearly 150 acres of land were on fire inside the campus. Of the 150 acres, we were able to save 100 acres after fighting the blaze for 10 hours. Fifty acres were completely burnt. We’re sure that this fire was man-made; some miscreants who don’t understand that burning cigarette butts should not be thrown near dry leaves have caused this.”



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