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BENGALURU: Eight associations of school managements have threatened to strike from February 23 if the government does not revoke its order that mandates schools to collect only 70% of tuition fees for the current academic year.
Representatives of KAMS, MICSA, School Education Commission, Karnataka Unaided Schools Managements Association, Independent School Federation of India and Management Association of Schools met on Tuesday to discuss the way forward. They said the government’s order was a retrograde step.
Although some associations had met the government on Monday and suggested that the cut should only be 15% of total fees, they withdrew that suggestion and instead said the government should revoke the order completely. The government order says schools can collect only 70% of tuition fees and can’t charge fees under any other head.
“Individual schools should be given the liberty to discuss with needy parents and act as per the situation,” said D Shashi Kumar, secretary, Association of Managements of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka. “Any reduction must be customised instead of a blanket order.”
Managements of Independent CBSE Schools Association, in a statement, said: “Schools are the only sector that has not got any package or assistance. In this regard, government of Karnataka should have come up with a plan to assist parents who need financial help. Ordering schools without solid reasoning is unacceptable in a democratic set up.” It added: “Teachers’ salary forms a major part of a school’s expenditure. A reduction of 30% tuition fee would result in reduction of more than 30% of staff salary.” Associations demanded the government make good losses schools have suffered due to parents’ inability to pay.
Other demands

They also added four other demands: Reopening of schools for classes 1 to 5, tackling corruption at BEO and DDPI levels and continuous harassment on private schools. “Continued closure will affect learning levels,” said Kumar.
Associations also asked the government to withdraw its order seeking NOCs from fire safety department and PWD. “These certificates are not mandatory for any government school. Why are only private schools being targeted? This will only lead to corruption,” said Kumar.

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