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BENGALURU: Complaints have been pouring in over faulty Covid-19 tests by private diagnostic laboratories in Bengaluru. In several instances, individuals who were told their samples were positive have gone in for a second test only to find they are negative.
A senior citizen in BTM Layout was rushed to a private lab after he developed fever on August 13. The lab took his samples and declared him positive two days later. His son Naveen Krshna, 28, IT employee, was aghast because his dad’s fever had reduced by the time the result came. He got a second test done on his father – this time, through a family doctor – and the result was negative.
We delay results: Technician
Krshna confronted the lab technicians over the flawed results. “He did not give a hoot about our complaint and continued his work. Action needs to be taken against such labs,” Krshna said.
A 34-year-old Junnasandra resident had a similar experience. “I have stayed home for the past few months, stepping out only to purchase essentials. On August 11, I went to a private clinic and gave my swab samples for a Covid-19 test out of curiosity,” he said. Two days later, the resident was told he was positive. He rushed to another lab to find he’s negative. He informed the first lab about the differential results and asked for the test report. The lab staff cut his call, he claimed.
On Monday, a lab technician’s post admitting that diagnostic labs were heavily into money-making through unjust means went viral on WhatsApp. He explained how the racket works: “Some 40 people come to our labs every day, and 90% turn negative. We delay in giving results. After three days, we give their result saying they are positive. Their primary and secondary contacts too get tested. This allows our business to thrive.”
A medical officer at a Covid hospital confirmed many patients who have tested positive in private clinics are rushing to his hospital for a confirmation test, which often throws up negative result. He said the facility received 33 such cases in a week.

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