Father, minor son kill elder son

Unable to bear his alcoholic son’s daily assaults on the family, the father promised a supari of Rs 3 lakh to younger son and his friends

This is a gruesome murder planned by a father and executed by his younger son, and his two friends. The victim – the father’s first born, Kaushal Prasad, a 24-year-old software engineer in an IT firm. The motive – Kaushal’s alcoholism, violence against his family and daily fights at home.

Unable to deal with the assaults on him and his family, Keshav Prasad, the father, plotted to get his son killed. He promised his 17-year-old son and his friends a supari of Rs 3 lakh to get the job done. The father, who runs a medical store in Malleswaram and lives in Vyalikaval, and the son, thought they had it all worked out.

On January 12, Keshav Prasad BV, filed a missing person complaint with the Malleswaram police saying his son had not come home since January 10. On the same day, the Avalahalli police found a body, which had been severed and put into four different bags, in the Avalahalli lake. When the family was called to identify the body, the claimed that it was their son.

Pradeep Poojari, the Avalahalli police inspector, said, “The head, hands, legs and torso were in different bags. As there was not much water in the lake, some people found the bags on the lake bed, and informed us. We reached the spot immediately and realised that the accused had thrown the bags in the shallow end of the lake without realising that it would be noticed. If there was more water in the lake, we would not have found the body as it could have been easily washed away.”

Avalahalli police who had taken up the murder case, checked with the Malleswaram police about the missing complaint report and the family’s reaction to discovering the severed body parts. “Both father and son did not seem shocked after hearing about the death of Kaushal

which made us suspicious. We called the father for questioning and realised that the father and dead son did not have a good relationship. During questioning he confessed to the crime and we cracked the case within three days,” said the Inspector.

“The father claimed that his son would come home drunk and assault his parents every day. He claimed that he would assault his younger brother as well and he had been planning to murder him for the past two months.

He asked his minor son, a student of II PU, to get his friends to help him with the job. His minor son roped in his two friends, Vishnu and Naveen, both 18-year-old students. He told them that he would give them Rs. 3 lakh as supari to kill his son and paid them Rs. 1 lakh in advance. With the money, they bought a second hand car and on January 10, they took Kaushal out for a drink in the car. They spiked his drinks and killed him inside the car by stabbing him multiple times and used a saw to severe his body into many pieces. Then they put the severed body parts into four bags and dumped them into the lake,” he said.

Avalahalli police have arrested the father, Keshav Prasad, 55, Vishnu, 18 and Naveen, 18 and have taken them into police custody for further investigation. The minor son will be produced before the juvenile court on Wednesday.

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