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MANDYA: The anti-cow-slaughter law has created a headache for the farming community as farmers have started to abandon male calves in the forest near Sri Gavi Ranganatha Swamy temple in KR Pete.
Farmers consider male calves an economic burden and are urging the government to develop prenatal gender testing for cows so that they may selectively abort the male calves as they cannot afford to rear them due to various reasons. Farmers say they cannot derive any profit from male calves.

The male calves could be seen on the forest fringes where leopards prowl.
Nagaraju, a farmer in Billenahalli said, “Only male calves of indigenous buffalo are used for ploughing and carting purposes. Those of hybrid breeds such as Jersey and Holstein Friesian (HF) cannot be used for any farming activities. How can we afford expenses of rearing calves which are not beneficial to us? Though it is heart- wrenching for us to leave the calves near the forest and at the mercy of nature, including prowling leopards, we don’t have any choice.”


Another farmer Ramanna urged the state government to develop prenatal gender testing for cows so that farmers may selectively abort male calves.
Meanwhile, forest officers are afraid that the male calves of hybrid breeds may pose a serious threat to the ecological balance in the forest. The presence of calves will surely attract leopards and their numbers will grow on the fringe areas of the forest. “If the calves are easily available for leopards and they start to prey on them, then a horrific situation is waiting to happen. The leopards may make it a habit to attack livestock,” a forest officer said.

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