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BENGALURU: A 92-year-old woman from Bengaluru recovered from Covid-19, much to the awe and delight of family members and healthcare professionals who treated her. The medical team at Jayanagar General Hospital heaped praise on Janaki Bai, saying she was the most sportive and lively patient they have had since the outbreak of the pandemic.
Janaki, a resident of Marathahalli, Bengaluru, tested positive on May 17 and was admitted to the hospital in Jayanagar a day later with complaints of breathlessness. Her oxygen levels had dropped below 89.
Dr Sudha BM, Covid nodal officer, Jayanagar General Hospital, said Janaki came in with an infection score of 15/25 on the CT scan of the lungs. To ease her breathing, she was put on 10 litres of oxygen every day for about five days and was given six doses of anti-viral drug remdesivir. She was discharged on May 29.
“We have seen so many youngsters panic and lose the battle to Covid. Janaki Bai should be an example to all those people battling Covid. She showed that staying calm and, most importantly, staying upbeat is key to overcoming the infection,” Dr Sudha said.
Hailing from Chitradurga, Janaki has been living with her son’s family in Marathahalli for many years now.
Jayanthi B, Janaki’s daughter in law, suspects that her mother-in-law contracted the virus in Nanjangud, where she visited a relative recently. On return from Nanjangud, Janaki developed fever and was tested immediately for Covid-19. The family decided to get her admitted to Jayanagar General Hospital, where Jayanthi works as a staff nurse.
“We thought it would be easier to take care of her in the same hospital where I work,” Jayanthi said, adding: “She has always been a very strong woman. She has faced so many tough situations and she always approached them with courage. We knew that Covid cannot win against a person who is so positive.”
Jayanthi said Janaki is very health conscious. “She has diabetes, but she takes her own medicine even at the age of 92. She also makes it a point to eat on time and have plenty of water and mostly stay upbeat. She is definitely an example to calm people in Covid wards.”

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