Ex-Army officer cheated of land

The 79-year-old retired colonel and others bought land from someone pretending to be the owner

A 79-year-old ex-serviceman has alleged that he has been cheated by the person who sold him a 60X40 plot of land in Hulimavu near Bannerghatta, Southeast Bengaluru recently.

Retired Colonel ME Fernandez who worked with the Indian Army, purchased a 60X40 plot for Rs 7 lakh in 2004, in Krishna Garden In-City Layout in Chikkammanahalli in Gottigere post in Hulimavu. He got it registered and has been diligently paying his property taxes all these years.

In January this year, Fernandez got a rude shock when his neighbour, who owned a plot next to his land said that someone was dumping debris on their sites. When Fernandez and other plot owners reached there, they found a few men who had come in a couple of SUVs, claiming that they were the owners of the property.

When Fernandez asked them to prove ownership, a man identified by the police as Manoharlal K Narang claimed that one N Ravi was the ancestral owner of the entire property and all the people who thought they owned the land, had been cheated by Ramesh Babu, who claimed to hold the Power of Attorney (POA) for the land at the time it was sold. “Over the past one week, the man identified as N Ravi along with his henchmen was dumping debris on our sites with the intention to illegally and forcefully occupy our site” said Fernandez. He and a few other site owners approached the jurisdictional Hulimavu police and filed a complaint of cheating by impersonation and criminal trespass against Ramesh Babu, N Ravi and Manoharlal K Narang and his henchmen. But the police said it was a civil dispute and they couldn’t do anything about it, added Fernandez.

A few weeks later, while Fernandez and a few other site owners were building compound walls around their respective sites, the same group of men headed by N Ravi charged at them, and threatened them with dire consequences.


Fernandez then approached the Bengaluru city police commissioner for recourse. He also sent a written complaint to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Southeast and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

“The burden of purchase of property, especially in Bengaluru, lies entirely on the buyer and the sellers are not at all accountable. The seller could collude with a number of people including absolute owners, real estate marketing firms, Power of Attorneys (POA), lawyers, and auditors etc. and cheat gullible site/home buyers who have no place to complain or address their grievance,” Fernandez told Bangalore Mirror.

Fernandez now wants to sell his plot of land to Ramesh Babu if he is interested to buy it for a reasonable amount, but he seems to be disinterested, he says. “Maybe, they will force all their victims to do a distress sale of their sites and get rid of legal tangles. Maybe this is their modus operandi,” Fernandez pointed out.

Meanwhile, Legal consultants and Advocate, Shaji T Verghese lists out a set of documents to be checked before buying a property in Bengaluru:

1. Sale deed.
2. Extracts and mutation register extracts.
3. Khatha certificate.
4. Encumbrance certificate.
5. Tax receipts.
6. Flowchart of Title deeds.
7. Sketch of property showing the location along with boundaries.
8. Affidavit, verification, and family tree should be taken from the seller.
9. Conversion certificate.
10. Physical Survey and access to said property.
11. Check bank approvals.
12. Layout approval plans and NOC from appropriate government authorities.
13. To register a sale agreement.
14. To give newspaper publication before purchase of property.

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