Escape to Covictory

Substandard food, lack of hot water and WCs are making people flee CCCs; officials say food is ok, but patients have lost taste

Tension seems to be brewing the Covid Care Centres (CCC) across the city, between the staff and patients. Many instances of patients running away from the centre have been reported.

Most Covid-19 positive inmates come into CCCs voluntarily. A few are referred by Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), especially when they do not have a space to quarantine or don’t have a facility for separate toilets. On Wednesday, two poeple who tried to sneak out of covid centre, claiming that their freedom had been curtailed.

While sneaking out from GKVK, one patient was caught by the marshal on guard. The other runaway not only managed to escape but also caused a lot of damage. While trying to sneak out of Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) CCC, the patient was chased by the marshals in a car, which lost control and hit a divider, causing severe injuries to one of the marshals. Efforts to trace the runaway are still on.

There are 12 Covid Care Centres, with around 4,600 beds. A little over thousand healthcare staff across all these CCCs also consume the same food served to patients, and have no complaints about it ­

–Rajendra Kumar Kataria, Special Commissioner

When BM asked a few patients about the issues they faced, most people had a complaint list ready. Many have also complained about the lack of hot water at the facilities. Despite cough and cold is one of the most common symptoms on Covid-19, many centres only have one kettle placed in every bay, and patients have to fetch the water themselves in their bottles.


Another complaint was about the squat toilets, which were extremely difficult for the elderly patient. However, the biggest complaint was about the food served at the centres. A majority claimed that the food was substandard, severed cold, and often had an unbearable odour.

One second -year engineering student admitted at the centre claimed, “The food was always served cold and there was never hot water available. I was asymptomatic and so the doctors only administered vitamin-C and zinc tablets when I asked them. However, even symptomatic were given paracetamol only when they asked the doctors.


However, when asked about the quality of food, the CCC staff blamed the virus for the patient’s loss of taste and smell.

Speaking about the food quality, Special Commissioner Rajendra Kumar Kataria said, “There are 12 Covid Care Centres in the city that has 4600 beds. A little over thousand healthcare staff are duty spread across all these CCCs, who also consume the same food served to patients, and have no complaints about it.”

“It’s natural to complain and we take it very seriously. But we are not compromising on the quality of food and if required, we will change the caterer,” Kataria told Bangalore Mirror.

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