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BENGALURU: On average, each dose of vaccine supplied to states costs about Rs 446.7, with the Centre having spent Rs 961 crore for the supply of nearly 2.2 crore doses to 37 states and UTs so far.
Further, states and UTs have collectively received Rs 123 crore for operational costs, while another Rs 357 crore earmarked for the purpose will be disbursed in phases.

According to data made public by the Union health ministry, the Centre will, including the operational costs, incur nearly Rs 1,500 crore for vaccinating the three crore healthcare and frontline workers, which gives an indication of the magnitude of funds required in the next phase of vaccination that is hoping to cover 27 crore more people across the country.
However, the per dose cost is not uniform across states. For example, Delhi has received 7.1 lakh doses of the vaccine at a cost of Rs 41.3 crore, compared to 17.2 lakh doses that Karnataka was given, which has cost the Centre only Rs 59.7 crore.
Details of vaccine doses supplied and the statewise cost incurred were shared on different dates by the ministry in Lok Sabha and no immediate explanation was available for the difference in cost.
Of the 2.1 crore doses of vaccine supplied to the states, nearly 1.9 crore are the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covishield, produced by Serum Institute of India, and the remaining 25.7 lakh doses are Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin. Eighteen of the 37 states/UTs have not been supplied with Covaxin.
While populous Uttar Pradesh has received the maximum doses of vaccines, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, which have a high percentage of India’s healthcare workers, and Rajasthan are among other states to receive large quantities of the vaccines.
Naturally, these five states are also the ones to have got the highest money as part of “operational costs” funds released by the Centre. While the Centre has earmarked Rs 480 crore under its operational costs budget for the inoculation drive, it has so far disbursed Rs 123 crore to states/UTs.
Of the Rs 123 crore, the aforementioned states together have got Rs 48.2 crore, while the remaining 32 states/UTs together have got Rs75.2 crore.


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