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CCTV footage shows the miscreants on Tuesday night vandalising several cars and bikes parked on the roadside at ITI Layout, Srinivasanagar and on Katriguppe Main Road.

BENGALURU: Two drunk minors and a 20-year-old student went berserk around 7pm on Tuesday in Chennammanakere Achukattu, south Bengaluru, and damaged around 15 vehicles, including cars and motorbikes parked outside houses.
Hearing the commotion, hundreds of residents came out of their homes and expressed shock over the incident. They claimed Chennammanakere Achukattu police were not properly patrolling the inner lanes of residential areas and hence, the miscreants dared to indulge in the vandalism.
By Wednesday evening, police traced the teenagers to their residence near Yediyur Lake and the student, identified as Arjun, to his Katriguppe residence. After booking the case, police handed over the two minors to Government Observation Home for Boys in Madiwala. Arjun was taken into police custody for questioning.
Parents of the teens are daily-wage workers and the kids are school dropouts, police said. The parents told cops their wards take up odd jobs and spend their entire earnings on alcohol. Arjun’s father is a private company employee and mother a homemaker.
The incident took place at ITI Layout, Srinivasanagar and on Katriguppe Main Road. CCTV footage shows the trio entering the lanes of ITI Layout. Shouting and hurling abuses, the youngsters are seen smashing the windshield of a parked cab. Then, they damage the handle and other parts of a bike. They attack two more cars and three bikes on the next road, before vanishing. A little later, they arrive at Srinivasanagar. There too, they are seen damaging vehicles.
“When we detained the two minors and Arjun, they claimed innocence. Confessing they were drunk on Tuesday evening, the trio said they didn’t remember damaging the vehicles. However, they had no answer when we showed them the CCTV footage,” an investigating officer said.



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