Dirty dozen thrash man, then manhandle his wife

A 31-year-old man and his wife were assaulted by at least a dozen men in Kudlu near Parappana Agrahara on Monday night. The man alleges that the accused sexually harassed his wife too.

The incident happened when Ganesh Raikar, the victim and a resident of Kudlu, had stepped out to an ATM to deposit money into his mother’s account. His mother, who suffers from cancer, lives in Karwar. Raikar was sitting near a refrigerator shop and talking to his mother, when a man, later identified as Manju Reddy came near him and started abusing him.

Ganesh objected to his abuses and told him to mind his language. He spoke with a stutter which the company accused took offense to and snatched Raikar’s scooter keys. While Reddy called his friends on his phone, Raikar picked up a stone and threatened to hit Reddy. A few minutes later, three to four cars arrived with around 10 to 12 men and started assaulting Raikar. They pushed his scooter to the ground, slapped and kicked him around. Taken aback, Ganesh called the police for help. “The men looked like cab drivers and were speaking in Telugu,” Ganesh told Bangalore Mirror.

A Hoysala patrol vehicle was despatched and they called Raikar’s number to find out his location. By this time the accused had snatched Raikar’s phone. Meanwhile, the miscreants took the Rs 5,000 that was in Raikar’s pocket that was meant for his mother.


A little later, when they handed the phone to Raikar, he called his wife since his house was close by. She arrived immediately and begged them to leave her husband alone as he was ill. But the men dragged her to a dark corner near the refrigerator shop and molested her, says Raikar.

“Their hands were all over me, touching me inappropriately. They were tossing and pushing me around from one man to another. They threatened both of us and said we should not be seen in this area again,” said Raikar’s wife.

After the men left, the couple managed to reach home and then approached the Parappana Agrahara police to file a complaint. Based on Ganesh’s wife’s complaint, the police have booked Manju Reddy and 10 to 12 others under IPC section 354-A sexual harassment, 323 and 324 – assault using dangerous weapons, among other sections. “We have definite clues about the accused and their whereabouts, but we are yet to arrest them,” said a senior police officer.

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