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DHARWAD: Nikita Machigani from Dharwad, studying BA (psychology) at Maharaja College in Mysuru, came in third place in the international level University Challenge Tetrix competition. The finals were held on October 29 and 30 in Brazil. Nikita, 21, was the only Asian student to make it to the finals out of 1.5 lakh students who competed.
Sharing her success story Machigani told TOI that she saw an advertisement on Instagram in August 2021 asking people to answer 100 questions. “I had no idea how a search engine worked when I registered, but we were allowed to study on the internet. In the third round, we were given 15 tasks to complete in a week, including presentations, video production, and written answers, which aimed at testing our creativity. Tickets, accomodation, and visas were all taken care of by the organisers,” she added.
Nikita attended high school and PUC in Dharwad. Her father, Satyabodha Machigani, works as a mechanical engineer in Dubai, and her mother, Roopa Machigani, is a homemaker.
In the finals, 24 people were divided into six groups. On October 20, there were games and a quiz, and questions for the final round were given that night, while the final challenge was held on October 30, she explained.
Nikita has been offered a 50 per cent discount on a master’s degree in business management or international relations at FGV University in Brazil.
She expressed gratitude to Hubballi Dharwad police commissioner Labhu Ram for issuing the police clearance certificate in such a short period of time. “Otherwise, I might have missed the event,” she explained.

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