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MANGALURU: Mangalureans, who are keeping domestic helps at bay for fear of contracting Covid-19, are on a dishwasher buying spree. Dealers say the demand has increased three to four-fold after the Covid19 outbreak.
Cleaning dishes and washing clothes are among the most strenuous household chores and households are increasingly banking on technology to get the jobs done. The demand for dishwashers is so high that many models have a waiting period of a month or more. A big majority of buyers include doctors, bankers and government employees, a leading appliance dealer said.
“The surge in demand for dishwashers began when the lockdown was imposed and maids could not travel to work,” said Chaitra, who deals in branded dishwashers. “Pre-Covid, our company franchise sold barely 2-3 dishwashers a month, but now it has increased three-fold.”
She said initially, there was a waiting period of up to 90 days, but that has reduced. Most consumers prefer dishwashers with 12-14 plate settings.
“Dishwashers crept into Indian households a decade ago, but demand has surged now and it caught us offguard,” said another dealer. “Most customers who opt for dishwashers are those where both husband and wife are employed. They just put all the dishes, set a timer, go for work and it is cleaned by the time they return.”
Appliance dealers say besides dishwashers, the demand for microwave ovens and large- screen TVs has also increased.
Arun M Isloor, professor and head, department of chemistry, who is planning to buy a dishwasher, said he was forced to stop services of his domestic help after the lockdown. “We will not hire help any time soon, although we pay our maid some money every month,” Isloor said. “So the family decided to invest in a dishwasher to ease the work burden.”

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