Cousins drown in quarry while bathing puppy in Bengaluru | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: A 21-year-old garment worker and his cousin bathing a puppy in a quarry drowned near Bettahalasur in Devanahalli, north Bengaluru, on Saturday evening.
Prem Kumar was a resident of Bettahalasur while Jennifer alias Jenny from Chennai had come to the city with her mother to celebrate Christmas with Kumar and his family. They had picked up the puppy from a dog-breeding centre.
Kumar, who is said to have discontinued his diploma course, had joined a garment factory near Devanahalli. Jennifer was a II PU student with a private college in Chennai.
“Jennifer and her mother reached Kumar’s house on Thursday and were planning to travel back after January 2. Kumar and Jennifer visited the dog-breeding centre in Bettahalasur at 4pm. Jennifer picked one of the puppies and went to the lake, 200 metres from the centre, to bathe it. But she slipped and fell into the water. Kumar rushed to her rescue but he too drowned.
Jennifer’s mother, who was watching them from the centre, raised an alarm, but it was too late, police said. Jennifer’s body was taken out at night while Kumar’s on Sunday.

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