Corona cases in Bangalore: Bangalore may see 6,000 Covid-19 cases daily: Experts | Bengaluru News – Times of India

Health workers from BBMP conduct Covid tests at Majestic bus stand.

BENGALURU: Experts fear that the city might report more than 6,000 Covid-19 cases daily by the third week of April, which could lead to a severe shortage of hospital beds.
Epidemiologist Dr Giridhara Babu warned that at the current rate, Bengaluru would see 6,500 cases every day by April 20. Even if 10 per cent of them require hospitalisation, the city’s health system will be overwhelmed in a few days. “We need action now, not tomorrow,” he said.
From March 28 to April 3, Bengaluru recorded 18,075 cases. Actives cases went up from 15,882 to 26,544 during the period. “The reproductive numbers of the virus in the past few days have increased. Maharashtra is finding it hard to drive out asymptomatic patients from hospitals to tend to the needy. The government must come up with a strategic plan,” he said.
Dr H Sudarshan Ballal, a member of Karnataka’s expert committee on Covid-19, is not surprised by the numbers mentioned by Dr Babu. “The way the second wave is turning out, I think daily Covid-19 cases in Bengaluru will go beyond 6,000,” he said. “Lack of enforcement and public ignorance are major contributors. Though a total lockdown cannot be announced, authorities must impose some curbs.”
On the status of healthcare workers yet to be vaccinated, Dr Ballal said that the government should make the shots compulsory for them. “If health workers are not getting the jab, what kind of a message are they sending to society?” he said.
Dr Ravindra M Mehta, a senior consultant for pulmonology and interventional pulmonology, said: “We have vaccinated parts of the population. All the government needs to do is to focus on resource allocation.” He is a member of BBMP’s Covid-19 task force committee.
BBMP chief commissioner Gaurav Gupta said that it was working on checking the spread through prevention, enforcement and vaccination. “We are vaccinating 25,000 beneficiaries per day, but would like the figure to touch 1 lakh. We’ll get there,” he said. “Initially private hospitals were supposed to keep aside 40 per cent of their beds for Covid-19 patients, but the requirement has been revised to 20 per cent. We have also opened two Covid care centres and the third one is getting ready.”



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