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HUBBALLI: Private vehicles straying into the dedicated Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) lane in Hubballi-Dharwad jeopardises not only the safety of the passengers and crew on board, but their own.
Ironically, vehicles entering and leaving the office of the Hubballi-Dharwad police commissioner in Navanagar are using an unauthorised passage through the BRTS lane, much to the chagrin of the residents. The nearest BRTS junction is 200m from the police commissioner’s office but this has not deterred those visiting or leaving the building from taking the short cut, which saves them the trouble of taking a lengthy detour.
Police vehicles too are prohibited entry to the dedicated lane, and they have to go around the Navanagar junction to reach the commissioner’s office. On the other hand, vehicles bound for Hubballi from the office have to take a diversion at the signal near the Law College junction. But these vehicles are straying unchallenged into the BRTS lane to join the common lane; barricades separating the dedicated corridor and the adjacent thoroughfare have been removed so as to make it easier for these vehicles to gain entry to the BRTS lane. Hubballi-Dharwad BRTS officials said that many cops travel along the dedicated lane with impunity.
Vice-president of HM Savantanavar Social Welfare Foundation, Gamanagatti AH Savantanavar sought to remind police personnel of former BRTS managing director Rajendra Cholan’s statements, wherein the latter had made it abundantly clear that the dedicated corridor was to be used for buses, and ambulances. “He promised that the lane could not be used by police or government vehicles. But nearly all government vehicles, including those used by cops, are using the dedicated lane,” Savantanavar rued.
An employee at the Income Tax office, which neighbours the police commissioner’s office building, said, “Police should at least erect a signboard to prevent other commuters from entering the stretch. The Karnataka State Law University junction is 200m from the commissioner’s office, as is the Navanagar junction. Police must try to enter the common lane at these two points instead of straying into the BRTS corridor.”
A retired traffic cop said that, unless police had installed a signboard at the point where they entered the BRTS lane or marked the spot using zebra stripes, their entry into the dedicated corridor was unauthorised.
A BRTS driver pointed to the hazards that intrusion of vehicles entering or leaving the police commissioner’s office into the lane entailed. “It is not easy to spot these vehicles from afar. I had to apply the emergency brake when an inspector rode his two-wheeler close to the bus. When we brought this to the notice of senior police officers, we were told to adjust with the cops,” he said.
BRTS managing director Gurudutta Hegde and Hubballi-Dharwad police commissioner Labhu Ram were both unavailable for comment. However, BRTS general manager Ramesh Gudareddy said that the issue would be brought to the attention of the authorities concerned.

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