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Bengaluru: With the city reeling under scorching heat and app-based cabs getting unreliable and expensive, the demand for AC buses has soared.
BMTC has 843 Volvo AC buses but only 800 are in working condition. However, it is running only 340 AC buses: 85 Vayu Vajra airport services and 255 Vajra buses. Sources said the corporation’s decision to operate fewer Volvo buses is to do with soaring diesel costs.
Many regular passengers complain that frequency of services on routes like 500CA (Banashankari -ITPB), 500D (Central Silk Board-Hebbal), 500A (Banashankari-Hebbal), 365 (Majestic-Bannerghatta), 335E (Kempegowda Bus Station-Kadugodi Bus Station) and 500F (Central Silk Board-Kadugodi) has reduced. “Most Volvo buses are now running full as people are getting back to work. Ridership is more, especially after slashing of fares, but frequency of Vajra buses has reduced after Covid-19. Between Majestic and Sarjapur, it is around 45 minutes. When there are no buses, how will people use public transport?” said Nikhil G, a passenger.
Vineetha S from Koramangala said: “Cabs and autorickshaws are becoming unreliable and unaffordable. AC buses are comfortable during summer. BMTC should run more of them, especially during peak hours. If the government is serious about reducing the city’s traffic, it should provide monetary aid to BMTC.”
The average mileage of Volvo buses in BMTC is about 2.5-3 kmpl. Being a bulk buyer, it is paying Rs 106.7 a litre for high speed diesel. Managing director V Anbukumar said: “We have not revised bus fares since 2015. The operational cost of Volvo buses is around Rs 80 per km but earning per km is only Rs 40. Ridership has improved but diesel costs are soaring. We have been conducting surveys on the requirement of buses. Frequency will be increased based on the demand.”
BMTC had reduced Vajra AC fares by up to 34% from December 17.

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