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BENGALURU: A city professional created a world record by memorising the most number of three-digit flashcards.
Mohammed Ali Athar Ahmed, also known as MD Ahmed, was shown 32 flashcards with three-digit numbers for a second each. Soon after all the cards were shown, Ahmed recalled the numbers correctly in the same order. In doing so, he broke a Guinness record previously held by an Iranian (30 three-digit cards) to memorise most three-digit flash numbers in the world.
Ahmed created the record on October 18, overcoming anxieties during the pandemic. However, this wasn’t the first time he conquered an uncertain period of life. Back in his 20s, there was a phase when he was without a job, nursed suicidal tendencies and suffered from poor health.
Ahmed said when he saw people around him achieving things in life, he was motivated to stop wasting time and start doing something. From reading self-help books to learning neurolinguistic programming, Ahmed, who is now in his 40s, has come a long way to become a life strategist.
He said the pandemic played a role in motivating him to break the “most challenging Guinness World Records in the field of accelerated learning,” though he had been contemplating attempting it even before Covid-19 struck.
“The record was a display of superfast memory, concentration power and mental strength. It was during the pandemic that I felt my emotions fluctuating. As a professional who teaches people to handle emotions and anxiety, I took this as a wake-up call and decided to reframe my thoughts and started practising regulating my emotions,” said Ahmed.
He has been teaching students (school, college-going as well as professionals) about accelerated learning for 10-15 years now.
This method involves learning in a way that suits a student’s brain. “It is through this method that I wish to convey there are no average or below-average students, only average or below-average teaching and learning methods,” he says.

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