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BENGALURU: Many health workers who have already taken one dose of Covid-19 vaccine are receiving text messages with the date of first-stage inoculation, while those still waiting for the first jab are receiving confirmation for partial completion of the process. This has created confusion and some registered beneficiaries are worried that they may be mistakenly left out.
As per the protocol set by the central government, a schedule with the list of beneficiaries is uploaded on the Co-WIN portal. Co-WIN stands for the Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network. The beneficiaries receive an SMS one day before the date of vaccination, with the text mentioning their name, age, address and the location where they will get the shot.
But since January 18, when the Co-WIN server suffered glitches, a number of beneficiaries have been getting the wrong message and reminders. Ranjita Kumar, a 38-year-old health worker at a private hospital in east Bengaluru, received a message that she had been inoculated on January 19. In reality, she has not taken the vaccine yet. “I was on Covid duty and I could not take the jab that day, though my name was on the beneficiary list. Later, I received a text that I had been vaccinated,” she said.
Mohammed Aman, a health worker at a government hospital in Shivajinagar, received an SMS that his vaccination was pending when in fact he had taken the jab on January 18. “I was among the first few people at the hospital who underwent vaccination. I was very surprised when I received the message later,” said Aman.
BBMP commissioner N Manjunatha Prasad told STOI
that a technical glitch in the portal had caused the confusion. “There was an existing list. When certain beneficiary failed to take the vaccine, we could not make necessary changes as the system had a problem. This is why people are getting such messages,” Prasad said. “The SMSes could not be stopped and we did not have an option. But the technical issue has been resolved now.”

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