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BENGALURU: Cycling enthusiasts in the city are concerned that the proposed tracks for this mode of transport largely remain on paper. They say cycling could be a healthy alternative in times of Covid, especially when there is rising apprehension over use of public transport.
Multiple techies TOI spoke with said that while they prefer to cycle to office, lack of adequate public infrastructure is a concern. Most of the IT firms support cycling with facilities on their campuses, but the absence of tracks puts safety at stake, they say. Bicycle mayor of Bengaluru, Sathya Sankaran, said, “BBMP has started work on the DULT-designed pop-up bicycle lane on ORR in response to the Covid crisis. It will be one of the first in the country, if work on it is finished on priority.”
Companies like Bosch provide amenities such as dedicated parking space, shower facilities and encourage cycling activities by organising talks, events, workshops, rides, etc. Arun Shankar, an employee of Bosch, said: “When it comes to cycling to work, dedicated tracks would definitely help, as most such commutes span 10 to 15km through urban areas/corridors.”
On September 22, 2018 (International Car Free Day), Sankaran started a drive called C2W (Cycle To Work). So far, cyclists from 355 companies in Bengaluru have clocked more than 78,000 trips, avoiding over 160 tonnes of carbon emission in the process. Karthik Rangnathan, a techie and cycling ambassador for an IT company in CV Raman Nagar, said, “Cycling lanes will convey a clear message to all other motorists that cyclists have a legitimate right to share the road with everybody else.”
“People have clearly realised the benefits of cycling during these lockdowns. It not only helps keep social distance, but also ensures timely commute in an healthy and eco-friendly way. This would be the best time to introduce cycling lanes,” added Rangnathan.
Prakash Bhagwan, the C2W brand ambassador for a leading semiconductor company on ORR, said, “I stay in Yemalur and cycle to office, which is 6.7km from my place. It takes around 20 to 25 minutes to reach office, which would otherwise take 40 minutes by car.”
Bhagwan has been cycling to work for ten years. “In the post-corona scenario, there is an automatic dip in traffic and pollution. This is the best time to promote cycling,” he added.
Hephsiba Rani Korlapati, managing director of Bengaluru Smart City Ltd (BSCL), said they have taken part in Cycle 4 Change Challenge and submitted their proposal. She said designs for the 34-km-long pop-up cycling track on ORR have been finalised and work is likely to commence soon.


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