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BENGALURU: The smart parking facility has ruffled the feathers of motorists in Bengaluru. Besides saying it’s anything but smart, they are questioning the steep fines being levied on citizens.
The system is currently in place on 10 roads in CBD and has a capacity to accommodate 475 four-wheelers and 510 two-wheelers.

Smart parking operations involve machines and sensors. Motorists need to enter details like their vehicle number, parking slot number, mobile number and the number of hours they wish to park their vehicle before proceeding to pay using cash or UPI.
There are three packages under the facility: Package A, B and C, and cost of parking varies for each. Parking charge for a van is 1.5 times of a four-wheeler’s. However, fine levied for failing to remove the vehicle within the stipulated time is the same for all vehicles (Rs 500).
“It’s not about paying for parking. The problem is with the steep fine. Instead, they should come up with an option where citizens can pay the parking charges while leaving. That way they will be paying exactly for how long they have used the facility,” said Dikshith S, a citizen.
A senior official from BBMP said, “We understand that a five-minute delay can happen to anyone. Which is why we send alerts after five and 10 minutes to the owner. After the second alert, we put a clamp and charge a fine of Rs 500. Citizens need to realise they can’t take anything for granted. A fine of Rs 500 is not very high for someone who owns an automobile. A penalty is the only way to ensure discipline.”
However, a few citizens believe no good can come of such steep fines and this is not a way to teach discipline.
Dhananjaya Padmanabhachar said, “Across the city, we pay by the meter. We pay for a facility only for the time we use it. If I extend my parking time by 10 minutes, they can charge Rs 20. Imposing a fine of Rs 500 seems ridiculous and unreasonable. It’s not a crime. I can still understand if they want to impose a fine on someone who has used the parking facility without taking a ticket.”
“If I’m in a meeting and I get an alert, does BBMP really think I can run down in the middle of the meeting? Let’s say I take a ticket for three hours because I don’t know how long my meeting will go on. If I get done within two hours, will they refund my money? This is not smart parking. There is nothing smart about it,” he added.
The smart parking facility is to be implemented on 75 more roads. “The work hasn’t progressed much since the outbreak of the pandemic. These machines are imported from outside the country. However, it’s likely to commence soon,” the Palike official said.


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